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GE’s Ecomagination Certification Offers Hospitals More Options to ‘Go Green’

In an ongoing effort to create a ‘greener’ hospital environment, GE Healthcare has received GE’s notable ecomagination certification for its first anaesthesia delivery system with the End Tidal Control (EtC)1 feature. Ecomagination is a GE initiative to help meet customers’ needs for more energy-efficient products. It reflects GE’s commitment to invest in innovative solutions to environmental challenges, delivering valuable products and services to customers while generating profitable growth for the company.

For a typical hospital with 10 anaesthesia units, the Aisys Carestation anaesthesia delivery systems with EtC can reduce anaesthetic agent consumption by 51%2 when compared to manual control methods, while maintaining clinical performance. With EtC the clinician sets the target oxygen and anesthesia agent values, the system constantly monitors the patient’s gas values and automatically adjusts the gas delivery to achieve and maintain the set target values. This reduces fresh gas flows in comparison with manual operation, enabling hospitals to reduce the amount of anaesthetic agent used and in turn reduce the venting of anaesthetic agent, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. The environmental impact can reduce annual emissions of CO2-equivalent by up to 1,380 metric tons3.

Anaesthetic gas can be a costly component for a hospital.  The EtC feature does not only have environmental benefits, but operating benefits as well.  When putting it into monetary savings, the EtC feature can translate to an annual operating savings of up to €90k (EUR)3.

The EtC feature on the Aisys Carestation joins nine additional ecomagination certified GE Healthcare products, including:



1Not commercially available in all markets; not cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA.

2Claims based on an average fresh gas flow of 1.3 L/min in manual control mode and a Minimum Flow setting of 0.5 L/min in EtC.

3In a typical hospital with 10 anaesthesia delivery systems