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Taking on EMR for the iPad


Centricity Advance as seen on the iPad

At the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February, mHealth was the biggest cross industry topic. Studies confirm the heaviest adoption of Apple® iPad® will come from the Healthcare industry and sales of tablets to the healthcare industry could reach $63 million by 2013.

The medical community is already aware that electronic medical records (EMRs) can help them provide better care, increase efficiency and therefore, reduce costs. So how is GE Healthcare addressing doctors’ significant shift to mobile devices?

GE Healthcare’s IT software business, in its effort to ease EMR adoption, is extending healthcare IT to mobile platforms by working to provide remote access to its portfolio of EMRs, including Centricity* Advance and Centricity Practice Solution, for physician practices using the Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, and other tablet computing and mobile platforms.  

These native iPad app versions of Centricity Advance and Centricity Practice Solution will take full advantage of the mobile device’s capabilities, easing the flow of information and adding features such as flicking through the application and zooming in on areas of the screen.

“GE has some of the best solutions in the world and we now have the mobile platforms to extend the use of those solutions to help customers leverage them even further,” said Jim Corrigan, Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare IT. “We have made something easy to adopt while still ensuring an extremely powerful tool. The possibilities for rolling out iPad applications to the physician community are truly exciting”.

Enabling healthcare providers to view information in the patient medical record– such as history, medication and problem lists, and allergies – even when they’re not in the office can help reduce potential medical errors and take care of urgent patient questions quickly, any time, anywhere with Internet access alone.

“By accessing our electronic medical record systems on the iPad, doctors are able to view the most important patient information and enter clinical notes from the patient appointment room, from home, on the road -wherever makes the most sense and is most convenient,” said Mike Friguletto, Vice President of GE Healthcare’s Centricity Advance business. 



*Centricity is a trademark of General Electric Company.
iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.