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Kid-friendly Milestone: First Installation of DoseWatch Technology at US Pediatric Facility

The first installation of GE Healthcare’s DoseWatch* technology at a pediatric facility in the U.S. is now complete, an important step in GE’s efforts to help leading US hospitals further reduce exposure – for patients of all ages and sizes – to radiation dose in imaging.

By installing DoseWatch, a new radiation dose-tracking and reporting solution, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles clinicians are further equipping themselves to analyze patient exposure and improve dose management through tracking and archiving dosimetric data and generating integrated statistical analysis by device, operator or protocol.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is ranked one of the nation’s top five “Best” children’s hospitals by U.S. News & World Report and is a leader in patient-centered care for children. The hospital is a longtime advocate of the Image Gently Campaign, an initiative by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging to improve dose awareness and promote radiation protection in pediatric imaging.

The growing clinical adoption of DoseWatch builds upon GE’s announcement last year of $800 million in lower-dose technology investments over 15 years, as well as the ‘GE Blueprint for low dose’ commitment to support U.S. hospitals’ radiation dose management goals.

* Trademark of General Electric Company