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GE: The Future of PET Imaging Lies in Treatment Assessment

Together with its customers, GE Healthcare is focused on improving cost, quality and access in Molecular Imaging—a smarter path to tomorrow’s care. That path means helping clinicians deliver responsible care, both clinically and economically. It requires meaningful collaboration between technology leaders and clinical researchers. And, it enables sustainable advancement on a platform that helps define tomorrow’s care. 

 “We believe that the future of PET Imaging lies in treatment assessment”, said Vivek Bhatt, General Manager, PET business, GE Healthcare. “By getting answers sooner, oncologists can modify treatment strategies without waiting for physical results. This increases the chances of an effective therapy, which can improve the quality of life and overall outcome for the patient as well as reduce the cost burden of ineffective treatment.”

According to the American Cancer Society in a 2010 report**, the total economic impact of premature death and disability from cancer worldwide was $895 billion in 2008. This figure represents 1.5 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). The economic toll from cancer is nearly 19 percent higher than heart disease, the second leading cause of economic loss ($895 billion and $753 billion, respectively). This analysis did not include direct medical costs, which would further increase the total economic cost.

Sparked in part by these staggering costs, doctors are seeking quantitative tools to obtain reproducible measurements over an entire patient study. These tools may enable doctors to assess confidently biological changes in a patient during a course of treatment, allowing them to quickly and accurately modify treatment regimens. These tools could potentially contribute to personalized oncology care, increase quality of patient care and reduce wasted expenditure on ineffective treatment.

Hear GE Healthcare's PET General Manager, Vivek Bhatt and Molecular Imaging Chief Marketing Officer, Jamie McCoy, discuss how the Molecular Imaging business together with customers is focused on improving cost, quality and access in Molecular Imaging—a smarter path to tomorrow’s care.