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GE Healthcare and Veran to Provide Comprehensive Interventional Oncology Solution


GE Innova-IQ 3100 for interventional radiology


Veran ig4 Navigation System

The USA National Cancer Institute estimated more than 1.5 million new cases of cancer in the United States in 2010. Trend reports show cancer incidences are increasing in internal organs such as the thyroid, liver and kidneys.

Doctors have historically treated cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or some combination of the three. But newer minimally invasive treatments are demonstrating effectiveness, and the new specialty of interventional oncology is gaining favor. These highly specialized procedures are performed under real-time image guidance to destroy primary tumors and metastases. However, some key challenges of these procedures include multimodality planning, real-time guidance through complex anatomies, and the ability to treat selectively.

A new deal between GE Healthcare and Veran Medical Technologies brings together the two companies’ innovations to help the Interventional Radiology community in the United States address such challenges.

The strategic supplier agreement unites GE Healthcare’s best-in-class Innova* imaging systems, the Innova suite of advanced IR applications, and AW workstations with Veran’s innovative electromagnetic navigation. As a result, clinicians are enabled to perform complex interventional oncology procedures more quickly, achieve greater accuracy, and reduce radiation dose.

This agreement is well aligned with GE’s healthymagination strategy of improving quality, access and costs for customers and their patients and it ties in with GE Healthcare’s and Veran’s vision for improving healthcare delivery.