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GE Healthcare Announces Agreement to Acquire OMS

GE Healthcare has declared this to be the year of breakthrough growth for the Molecular Imaging business. We are focused on fueling dreams, building businesses, and saving lives. With these imperatives in mind, GE Healthcare is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire the assets of OMS, a subsidiary of Orbotech, a publicly held company based in Yavne, Israel.

OMS manufactures Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detector technology, a key component of our innovative Alcyone Nuclear Medicine platform. We have utilized this technology on our Discovery™ NM 530c and Discovery™ NM/CT 570c cardiac SPECT machines. Alcyone offers the next generation in nuclear medicine, reducing dose while simultaneously improving image quality and scan times. 

Unlike other nuclear imaging products, all views are acquired simultaneously during a fully stationary SPECT acquisition, eliminating equipment movement during the scan and reducing the risk of motion artifacts. CZT detectors directly convert gamma rays into digital signals, eliminating the need for crystals and photomultiplier tubes. With this great technology, an acquisition time can be reduced significantly from fifteen minutes to three minutes or patient dose may be reduced significantly. It also enables new applications like dynamic acquisition to measure blood flow or acquire multiple isotopes simultaneously to improve quality of diagnosis.