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GE Healthcare Features Healthymagination at RSNA


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Company unveils its latest innovations centered on achieving better healthcare for more people at lower cost

Today GE Healthcare kicked off its participation at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, featuring its latest innovations with a focus on the company's "Healthymagination" initiative, centered on achieving better healthcare for more people at lower cost.

Controlling costs, increasing access and improving quality are challenges for healthcare worldwide. The GE Healthcare exhibit allows RSNA attendees to see and experience some of the innovative technologies that will help transform healthcare by addressing the underlying issues of quality, cost and access. Through GE's healthymagination technologies, the company is well-positioned to help address these global challenges and help radiologists improve and broaden access to healthcare and reduce its cost.

Healthymagination Innovations

For centuries, clinicians have evaluated tissue stiffness—the physical property of tissue most affected by disease—through palpation. A great example of the healthymagination innovations displayed at RSNA is MR-Touch, a visual palpation technology that uses low frequency sound waves in combination with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to measure tissue elasticity. Based on technology invented at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota) and licensed to GE Healthcare, MR-Touch extends the principles of palpation with a precise, non-invasive, cost-effective way to evaluate tissue stiffness.

Another GE first new-to-market product feature validated under the healthymagination initiative is GE's new Innova® dose-efficient X-ray technology. During a procedure, Innova automatically and continuously adapts to help keep image quality and patient dose at optimum levels. The technology can reduce patient dose by as much as 40% without compromising image quality.

The company strives to advance its line of miniaturized ultrasound, also featured at RSNA this year, with the recently launched Venue 40, one of the first new products validated under GE's healthymagination initiative, which is focused on improving quality and efficiency, increasing access and reducing costs. Its small size and streamlined cart allow for real-time imaging in the smallest of clinical spaces. Along with Venue 40, GE Healthcare announced new breakthrough technologies, including the LOGIQ® E9 general imaging ultrasound system that expands its capabilities with new transducers and software enhancements to provide improved image quality and productivity to pediatric, vascular and cardiac imaging.

These technologies reflect the new opportunities GE sees in healthcare. GE Healthcare's healthymagination portfolio helps drive cost savings to healthcare systems worldwide, and enables rural and urban areas to gain access to technologies and affordable quality of care.

GE Healthcare also announced the company's sponsorship of a multi-center research trial to validate the clinical efficacy of Model Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) as a method to maintain or improve diagnostic information available to clinicians, while dramatically lowering radiation dose in routine CT imaging. This multi-center trial involving the company's breakthrough Discovery CT750 HD system demonstrates GE's efforts to advance the standard of care with non-invasive lower dose CT imaging technology to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases.

Breakthroughs in sound wave imaging. Navigation during interventional procedures. Miniaturized ultrasound. Dose eficiency. At RSNA 2009, GE Healthcare showcases technologies that will help radiologists change the way they approach healthcare, focusing on addressing three critical needs: accelerating healthcare information technology, targeting high-tech products to more affordable price points and broadening access to the underserved.