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GE Healthcare Introduces Hi-Tech Breakthrough 3.0T MR Imaging to Romania


GE Healthcare’s HDxt 3.0T Magnetic Resonance

GE Healthcare and Signa+ Medical Imaging Center recently announced the installation of Romania’s first 3.0 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (MR) Scanner. A first for Romanian medical services, 3.0T MR investigations are now available to patients in Bucharest at Signa+’s new center for research and diagnostics in medical imaging.

“We are happy to be part of a landmark project that gives Romanian patients and specialists access to some of the most innovative medical imaging technology available today. Improved, earlier diagnosis can mean better prevention and treatment options for a wide range of diseases,” said Radu Groduza-Lupu, Zone Manager for Romania and Moldova, GE Healthcare. “Our HDxt 3.0T MR represents breakthrough innovation in medical technology and demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving quality and access to healthcare, offering exceptional solutions for healthcare systems worldwide. Signa+ will be a GE Healthcare Center of Excellence and confirms our confidence in the potential of the Romanian healthcare market.”

GE Healthcare’s HDxt 3.0T MR is the one of the most sophisticated scanners available for clinical use, helping to provide clearer, more precise images that highlight previously undetectable details. Innovative features of the system help reduce exam set up and scanning times. Patients can spend less time in the scanner, doctors can get better images, and the overall patient experience can be improved.

A number of investigations which could previously only be done using Computed Tomography scanning can now be performed to the same qualitative standard using the HDxt 3.0T MR scanner, but without the need for the associated x-ray dose.

This installation is in line with GE’s healthymagination strategy aimed at improving access to healthcare technologies for more people worldwide.

Listen to Radu Groduza-Lupu, Zone Sales Manager for Romania and Moldova at GE Healthcare, talking about the impact of this innovative technology for Romania on the link below.