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GE Healthcare Reaches Mammography Growth Milestone: More than 1,000 IDI MammoWorkstations Installed


The imaging center « La Bruche » in Molsheim (France) received the IDI MammoWorkstation labeled 1000.

Dr Martzloff, radiologist, gives us his expectations for the decision making for the purchase of the mammography workstation: “Since recently, we used a DMR from GE with CR digital. Since 2008, we archive the images in our archiving system. With the new mammograph, it was mandatory to be able to easily retrieve these priors and  to compare them with the current exam. In mammography, comparison with previous exams is critical for a good quality interpretation. With the IDI solution, the complete mammo folder is automatically pre-fetched from the archive without any manual intervention. The usage of the IDI station is really simple. The digital keypad gives direct access to the features we need. For radiologists, time optimization is important. We cannot dare to spend time on fastidious tasks. The functions and the ergonomy of the IDI station are an excellent answer to this request in mammography.”

Radiologists around the world are experiencing the proven benefits of IDI Mammography Workflow Solution in their efforts to help ensure diagnostic confidence, maintain throughput and provide the best possible patient care.

GE Healthcare recently reached the milestone of installing the 1,000th IDI MammoWorkstation worldwide to a private radiology practice in the east of France.

In order to comply with the ever increasing requirements with respect to image quality, this fully analog site has decided to migrate to the digital world. The ability of IDI MammoWorkstation to automatically scale and align the current digital and the prior analog examinations, eased the transition for radiologists assisting to provide them with a consistent comparison for each patient regardless of the acquisition vendor.

Not only has the IDI Workflow Solution helped improve the radiologists review efficiency, but also is a scalable-ready platform for the transition to the second reader digital workflow.

Designed with the future in mind, the IDI MammoWorkstation delivers innovative tools to review the innovative advanced applications GE is building.
"In today’s connected world making the right clinical decision requires a flexible workflow solution enabling breast specialists to seamlessly connect and collaborate. IDI Workflow Solution is designed to give you that completely customized functionality." said David Caumartin, General Manager of Mammography globally for GE Healthcare.