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GE InBody and FlashPad X-ray X-cite at Popular Technology Showcase


A crab

While speakers on stage at the TED 2011 technology and innovation conference in Long Beach, CA were sharing their latest research and insights, visitors to GE’s Innovation Gallery witnessed data visualization of body composition, the latest healthcare technologies, and some eye-popping X-ray art that gave an insider’s view on some everyday objects — from typewriters and accordions to bats and blowfish.

Health and wellness were again popular TED topics… but just how healthy were the conference attendees themselves? GE’s TED team gathered data on the average weight and body mass index of the TED community using GE InBody scans of nearly 300 attendees. By quickly and accurately measuring body composition – including body fat, lean body mass and water levels – GE’s InBody helps people better understand how diet, lifestyle and exercise can help them reach personal health and wellness goals. In other words, GE’s InBody body composition scanners help folks learn, literally, what they’re made of! And as the data below shows, TED attendees were a rather healthy bunch.

Average Weight: (TED / US Avg*)

Men: 181.6 / 191

Women: 133.4 / 164.3


Average Body Mass Index: (TED / US Avg*)

Men: 22.1 / 28.2

Women: 26.5 / 27.8


Average % Body Fat: (TED / US Avg*)

Men: 18.8 / 19

Women: 25.3 / 27

On this theme of looking deeper to identify what things are made of, the stunning images above (taken by notable X-ray photographer Nick Veasey and displayed at TED2011) helped GE highlight its latest groundbreaking X-ray technology, the FlashPad.

FlashPad is a durable and adaptable wireless digital detector that may soon be used in many locations ranging from local doctors’ offices to large hospitals. As more healthcare providers switch from traditional film to digital x-ray technology, the large, powerful and accessible FlashPad can offer physicians and patients increased confidence while maintaining high image quality at low dose levels. GE’s FlashPad is also the only wireless detector in the world to operate on a dedicated frequency spectrum using sophisticated Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, thereby avoiding the congestion and competition found on many busy hospital wi-fi networks.