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GE Works: Rooted in Wisconsin


GE Healthcare and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, announce a collaboration to create a new academic pipeline of medical imaging engineering talent that will help impact healthcare globally. 

Every day, GE and its employees work to help improve the communities where they live through economic investment, charitable contributions and volunteering. GE Healthcare is continuing that commitment by joining University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) to create a talent pipeline of Wisconsin-based medical imaging software developers and researchers to drive the next generation of healthcare technology globally.

This collaboration, which involves a more than $3 million investment from GE, will enable UWM to develop technology-specific, advanced level course work in specialized software development and provide seed-funding for research and collaborative projects related to image and signal processing for technology. This first-of-its-kind opportunity for UWM students will also mean more continuing educational opportunities for existing GE Healthcare technologists across Wisconsin.

The announcement is part of a series of commitments the company is making in conjunction with its GE Works initiative which exemplifies GE’s continuing commitment to and impact on communities it calls home. GE Healthcare calls Wisconsin home and generates over $10.4 million in economic activity in-state every day. It helps support 21,400 jobs in the state and over 1,100 supplier sites across the state, as well.

Here and around the world, GE Healthcare is building on a 130-year record of innovation for the future: finding solutions to tough problems, investing in jobs and programs that help improve people’s lives, and making a difference in the communities we serve.