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Meet Jillian Flower, #GetFit Canada Ambassador

Jillian Flower has always participated in competitive sports like skiing, running, swimming, cycling and kayaking.  She loves exercise, and attributes her sunny disposition and positivity directly to sport. Jillian is a GE employee and GE Healthcare’s Canada Ambassador for the 2012 #GetFit campaign, promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer. 

Keeping active through all moments doesn’t just help positive thinking: it also prevents diseases like cancer and helps to strengthen the immune system.  The #GetFit campaign aims to get as many people on their feet and doing exercise as possible in order to fight disease and feel healthier.

Sports are great. “They provide a great challenge and are a way to build long term health and prevent diseases like cancer,” Jillian explained. She understands that many people aren’t interested in competitive sport, but the astounding amount of activities available means that there is exercise suited to everyone.

Meet Jillian through this GE Healthcare video and see how you can exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent cancer.