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#GetFit Initiative Guides Participants to a Brighter, Healthier Future

This year’s #GetFit initiative has drawn to a close this month with a positive response from a group of individuals dotted around the world that have not only adopted new behaviors, habits and activities, but are also committed to maintaining this lifestyle in the long-term.

 #GetFit challenge, which ran for six weeks from 28th May to 9th July, is an annual initiative devised by GE Healthcare in response to spiraling rates of obesity and cancer worldwide.

The overarching message of #GetFit is that it’s never too late to improve your health and wellbeing. This message was successfully shared via social media channels creating worldwide public awareness. It also provided the prime outlet to share new, more productive habits to participants.

All in all this year’s #GetFit users have shown more commitment and engagement than previous years. A total of 111 countries took part in the initiative with the US coming top in visits to the #GetFit website.

Saudi Arabia, the UK, Spain and China occupied the remaining top 4 spots in that order. Perhaps most unexpected was the contribution Saudi Arabia made during the initiative. Thanks to GE’s collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Health the number of website visits remained steady throughout the initiative. 

The success of the initiative was boosted by the number of associations the #GetFit initiative established. From the American Cancer Society to the Canadian Cancer Society, their voice and support proved instrumental in increasing the share of voice of the #GetFit challenge. On June 24, GE Healthcare, in collaboration with the American Cancer Society, hosted a panel of experts in nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention in an open webinar.

One highlight of the #GetFit initiative was the TweetChat, organized by Urban Times and GE Healthcare. The session allowed participants to engage in conversations, exchanging tips on healthy eating and overcoming challenges of adopting a more active lifestyle.

The aim was to communicate and reach out to participants in real-time, forming an online community that would help spread the word on what the initiative was trying to achieve. During the 30 minute session 276 tweets were posted from the 49 participants. This gave a potential audience reach of 1,686,065 Twitter users from across the world.

It was interesting to note how participants shared their progress and health tips with others. This year GE introduced the #GetFit phone app for Android and iPhone users. This turned out to be a successful move as participants using the app were far more engaged as they were able to record progress whilst on the go. This resulted in more frequent posts and updates from each participant.

When analyzing the number of images shared during the initiative duration, the app accounted for just under half of all images contributed during the six weeks. This was unsurprising since the advent of smartphones with built-in cameras has made capturing of images easier like never before. Added to the internet capabilities of these smartphones sharing these images to social media communities became second nature to our #GetFit participants. 

Instagram and Twitter also made a significant contribution to the number of images shared. These web programs are also mobile-friendly, featuring tools and features that make image capturing and sharing equally convenient whether sitting at a PC or on the go with a mobile smartphone.