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Meet Choon-Sook Park, #GetFit Korea Ambassador


Choon-Sook Park, #GetFit Korea Ambassador

Choon-Sook Park is 60 years old, a mother of three, and a breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed in 2002 she was shocked and devastated. She decided to listen carefully and follow the doctor’s instructions without fail.

Her cancer experience led her to meet other patients affected by the disease and bond over the experience. “Together, we motivated each other to fight,” Choon-Sook explained. In 2010, her cancer fighting group overcame another massive challenge: hiking the Back-Du Mountain in Korea. As Choon-Sook remembers it, the experience was a very special moment for all of them and filled them with emotion. “I was so proud of us,” she said.

Her continuing fight as a cancer survivor has changed her life entirely, fuelled by the bond she shares with other fighters. Choon-Sook councils other patients who are battling the disease and shares her experience with them. She tries to transmit a positive attitude, a crucial element to the fight against cancer, to other patients that need to know that they can overcome the disease and that they are not alone.

Choon-Sook keeps in contact with her cancer fighter support group, and continues to maintain her health by hiking. Her hope is that her story will inspire women to get screened for the disease and to be aware about how staying healthy and active can truly make a difference when fighting cancer. Meet Choon-Sook and learn more about her story in this inspiring video.