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Meet Alfredo Arán, #GetFit Spain Ambassador


Alfredo Arán, #GetFit Spain Ambassador

Alfredo Arán is a Spanish businessman and an amateur sportsman. He started running years ago, participating in the London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Relief, a charity in the UK.  He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2003, a serious form of cancer that threatened his life. Just six months after finishing his cancer treatment, Alfredo ran again in the New York City Marathon. “The experience was amazing, and it was great to be able to run there,” he explained. He has run in many marathons; from his first London Marathon run for Macmillan Cancer Relief, a UK charity, to many more around the world.

Alfredo’s passion is running, and every week he joins a group of family and friends that train with him in Madrid. They call themselves ‘Los Paketes’, and each friend finds running a great way to do exercise and free their minds. For Alfredo, marathons are all about doing exercise and having a good time.

He believes that sport and disease have a lot in common; they are all about mind and body resistance. His resilience led him to overcome cancer and his cancer also helped him to do more exercise, pushing him to compete against himself and get better.

Alfredo’s exercise routine is infectious. He has persuaded family members and friends to do more sport, and now he hopes to do the same through the #GetFit campaign.  His story about the empowerment that sport provides is a powerful message that can inspire many people to start exercising.

Watch Alfredo Arán talk about his experience with cancer and why running is such an important part of keeping healthy.