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The #GetFit Stars: Making Healthy Choices Trend Around the World

#GetFit inspired many people to share their healthy habits to prevent cancer on social media platforms and compete in the challenge. We catch up to the Challenge winners and find out why they challenged themselves, how they won against fierce competition and whether they celebrated their success!

Marshall Poindexter was the overall winner in the individual category leaderboard, with an amazing 2260 points. As a consistently strong contender in the top three spots, Marshall — who works at GE Healthcare, regularly shared his views on healthy living and talked to others who had challenged themselves to work out, eat healthier and lock away the candy bars. What inspired him to become so involved in the #GetFit campaign?

“Originally I just wanted to join to honor family members of mine who are cancer survivors. I started my involvement in #GetFit because of them,” Poindexter explained. “Midway through this year’s campaign I had two friends die of cancer, one close male friend who died of lymphoma and one younger female friend who died of pancreatic cancer. Both of their deaths affected me greatly and I resolved to participate in #Getfit all the more in honor of each of them.”

The secret to his success was sharing interesting facts about healthy living that can help avoid cancer, as well as his involvement in the campaign itself. “I became more aware of the little daily choices I can make for myself to live a healthier life,” Poindexter shares, saying that he was also able to honor his friends, whose lives were cut short far too soon by disease.

Despite being in the top three, he didn’t expect to win. “The best way I will be celebrating my success is to improve my own health so that I avoid getting cancer myself and serve as an example of healthy living to my immediate family. I’m not entirely there yet, but I’m making progress on the journey to better health daily!”

For URP_Korea, the winners of the team category in the #GetFit Challenge with 7525 points, the campaign was a great channel to share their own healthy habits with others while motivating themselves to get fit on daily basis.

“The best part of #GetFit was being able to share with each other. As a team, we see each other every day at work, so there was no way we could lie, make things up, or not keep our word”, the team explained. #GetFit quickly became a trend within the group: “We would say to each other at lunch ‘Let’s have the most #GetFit-like’ dish for today. It was fun.”

The team admits they did expect to win, especially as they saw their strong progress on the leaderboard, although they say they didn’t do the challenge for a reward. “We didn’t participate in GetFit campaign to win any rewards, but to help ourselves get fit, and to live healthier. We’re also very passionate about letting others know about healthymagination and GE values so we would expand our influence out of GE.”

How did they win? “Just by reading other peoples posts and commenting and learning about their own healthy lifestyle tips made it interesting,” they said. “On personal experience, many of us would not have breakfast and don’t have regular meal times. With #GetFit, many of us fixed this problem and have healthy meals in regular hours. This made us sleep better and feel much more energized as well. Living #Getfit has definitely made us get fit!”

This year’s #GetFit success will be hard to match, although all teams, ambassadors and participants will have had a whole year of healthy eating, exercise and motivation to show the fruit of their labor. 


URP_ Korea #GetFit Team