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Meet Ian Phillips, #GetFit UK Ambassador


Ian Phillips, #GetFit UK Ambassador 

After 17 years as a GE employee, Cardiff based Ian Phillips, 40, is now battling Grade III Brain Cancer. After a healthy life Ian developed a strong headache in August 2009.  On the evening of Friday 11th August, he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus condition.

But the pain worsened and later Ian went to the emergency clinic at University Hospital Wales. Following CT and MRI scans, the doctors told Ian he had a mass the size of a lemon behind his forehead, leading to immediate emergency 8-hour brain surgery.

He was given a prognosis of just 3-5 years, and since 2009, Ian has been in radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Determined to beat his prognosis, Ian has totally changed his diet and his exercise routine. 

His personal ‘Feel Good’ campaign sees Ian work out regularly at the gym, go on bike rides and play golf. He has also rediscovered skiing, a sport he thought he would never have the opportunity to enjoy again. “When I feel tired,” he explains, “I go for a run”.

Ian is GE Healthcare’s UK #GETFIT Ambassador to encourage people to learn from his example and lead an active and healthy life.