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Getting John Back on His Skates


Radiology pioneer Marie Curie once said, “One never notices what has been done. One can only see what remains to be done.”

So sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of the impact doctors, nurses and radiologists have on their patients’ lives every day.

Today we look back on a moment a few months ago, at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, when John Corrigan gave a very special thank you to the doctor who saved his life. At 78, John had a surgical aortic valve replacement, where one of the heart’s four valves is replaced with either a synthetic or animal valve, to make sure the heart can keep pumping blood through the body.

As an avid roller skater for over forty years, John decided that when he was healthy enough to go home, he would skate his way out of the hospital. For Doctors’ Day, John skated back in the hospital to surprise his surgeon, Dr. Daniel O’Hair, and thank him for saving his life.

“When the rolled me into intensive care, I looked at the floor and said, ‘what a place to skate on!’” said John. “They thought I was kidding!”

Stay tuned to The Pulse for more heart-warming stories about patients who beat the odds thanks to GE Healthcare’s diagnostic technology, along with our coverage of the latest news and views from RSNA 2015.

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