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Hacettepe University Hospitals in Turkey Sign Reference Site Agreement with GE Healthcare


From left to right: Prof Üstün Ayd„±ngöz, developer of the new Hospital Information System (HIS), Haluk Çelikel, Regional Manager for GE Healthcare IT in Turkey and Prof Mustafa Özmen, radiologist and Deputy Director of Hacettepe University Hospitals:

During last week’s Turkey Radiology Congress in Ankara, Turkey, GE Healthcare signed with Hacettepe University Hospitals a Reference Site agreement at GE’s booth. Based in Ankara, Turkey the hospital group, which consists of three hospitals and two community branches, is one of Turkey’s foremost medical centers. It is backed by the prestigious Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Turkey’s premiere medical education and research institution.

Hacettepe Hospitals generate about 450,000 radiology exams annually with an array of over 67 imaging equipment. Radiology equipment at Hacettepe includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and multi-slice computed tomography (CT) systems. Eighty-three radiologists and more than 1,500 clinicians use GE’s Centricity PACS-IW, a web-based Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) to access patient data and images on the workstations anywhere in the hospitals.

GE’s Centricity PACS-IW offers extremely fast streaming capabilities, which enable the system to run in region-wide and multi-hospital environments even under low bandwidth conditions. Two remote facilities (community branches) of Hacettepe, 12 and 18 km away from the main health campus, now have the opportunity to offer PACS-IW’s web-based solutions.

A major milestone was achieved following the hospital management’s decision to go filmless. The transition to filmless was smooth thanks to PACS-IW’s versatility and the local GE support team’s tireless efforts to ensure a seamless phasing out of film-print based operation. Patients, as well as clinicians, are now happier with the outcome: no need to carry around films and advanced opportunities for analysis of the images. Prof Mustafa Özmen, radiologist and Deputy Director of Hacettepe University Hospitals:
“PACS is not a new thing for Hacettepe. We have been using it since 1999, but our previous systems limited us inside the borders of our radiology department. The PACS Replacement Project that we completed with GE Healthcare IT enabled our hospitals to work filmless, PACS-IW’s multifunctional user interface met the expectation of my fellow radiologists for diagnostic imaging and that of the clinicians for clinical use within a single application.

The fact that GE Centricity PACS-IW was already being used in our existing infrastructure helped us complete the transition to new PACS without any need for additional investment in infrastructure.”

Prof Üstün Aydıngöz, radiologist in charge of overseeing the transition to new PACS, and developer of the new Hospital Information System (HIS), says: “Given the extent of daily operations at our radiology facilities, the transition to new PACS, and furthermore into filmless radiology, was a huge task. The whole operation turned out to be quite smooth thanks to the robustness of PACS-IW and resourcefulness of the local GE team. We are now in the process of further integrating PACS-IW with our new home grown HIS, and feel comfortable that GE Healthcare will deliver their end of such an integration if needs arise.”

GE Healthcare and Hacettepe will continue to collaborate in the field of PACS to ensure help improved patient care and enhance the Institution’s already prominent position in the medical field. With their longstanding expertise in specific areas of medicine that include pediatric and oncologic care as well as diagnostic and interventional radiology, Hacettepe University Hospitals will provide GE Healthcare invaluable inputs for further development of their Centricity PACS-IW.