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Addressing Healthcare Needs in Africa


Dr. Newton and his team at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya

GE Healthcare continues to make inroads in rural locations, including Africa, where simple yet quality medical equipment is needed.  Recently a team from GE Healthcare’s Life Support Solutions business headed to Kenya, Africa to meet with Dr. Mark Newton, an American anesthesiologist who has spent the last 13 years practicing medicine in East Africa.

The meeting centered on GE’s 9100c anesthesia machine, equipment designed specifically to address the needs of rural areas. The 9100c serves the fundamental needs of rural communities where medical equipment and operating costs need to be low, allowing access to even the most rural hospitals.

On March 11, 2011, a GE Healthcare representative arrived at Kijabe Hospital, where Dr. Newton practices, to train the staff on the use of the 9100c.  Shortly after completing the training, Dr. Newton and an anesthesia nurse, Mary Mungai, were faced with a critical care situation, requiring the use of anesthesia.  The 9100c was ready for its first case.

A young woman arrived at the hospital pregnant with her first child.  The small clinic in her home town had referred her to Kijabe Hospital where she traveled about 31 miles (50 kilometers).  Upon arrival, doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia, a serious disease of pregnant women.  The Kijabe anesthesia team was called to the operating room for an emergency C-section for the young woman who was now diagnosed with eclampsia and was experiencing seizures.

Dr. Newton administered general anesthesia using the 9100c with great success.  The surgery was uneventful and resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy.  “We later informed the young woman of the severity of her situation and how the use of our new GE anesthesia machine aided in her successful outcome,” stated Dr. Newton.

“With GE Healthcare equipment, coupled with training of Africans in Africa to provide anesthesia care, many lives, such as the young pregnant woman, will be positively impacted every day.” said Dr. Newton.  “This is not a ‘spin’ but actually a direct result of the 9100c, which if formulated properly can be multiplied by thousands.”

“The 9100c is a promising anesthesia machine for emerging markets,” mentioned Francesco Palazzo, Anesthesia Business Manager for emerging markets.  “It allows us to better serve emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

Palazzo continues that, “as part of the value proposition, the 9100c leverages GE’s 100-year experience in anesthesia, bringing the trustworthiness of the Datex-Ohmeda brand within reach of our customers in emerging markets.”