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HealthTech Review March, 26 2012

Centricity Cardio Enterprise Unveiled at ACC 2012

At the 61st Meeting of the American College of Cardiology in Chicago, GE Healthcare is introducing Centricity* Cardio Enterprise, a new and comprehensive IT solution that offers cardiologists a single point of access to patient data, images and reports across the continuum of care while enhancing physician productivity and improving charge capture accuracy. Centricity Cardio Enterprise enables the cardiovascular care area with configurable workflow, tools, and reports that can be shared across multiple facilities and organizations.

*Centricity is a registered trademark of General Electric.

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GE Healthcare expands Shanghai Fast Trak Training Center to serve growing Biopharmaceutical Industry in China

GE Healthcare announced the official opening of its expanded Fast Trak Training Center in Shanghai, China. GE Healthcare’s Fast Trak Training and Education Courses provide hands-on practical training in the latest technologies and strategies for start-to-finish bioprocessing, and are specifically designed to help manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals increase their process productivity and bring their product to market faster. By expanding the Fast Trak Center in Shanghai, GE Healthcare will be able to offer an increased number and variety of courses to meet the needs of the rapidly growing biopharmaceutical industry in China. The extended Center has been equipped with several new GE Healthcare technologies such as IN Cell and DeltaVision™ for cellular imaging and Biacore™ and Microcal™ tools for protein interaction studies. In addition to training, the Shanghai Fast Trak Center will also offer a full bioprocess development service to the industry.

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GE Healthcare and BAC collaborate to launch new Bioprocess Affinity Resin

GE Healthcare and BAC BV, the leading provider of antibody-based affinity purification technology, announced that, following a successful collaboration between the two companies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences has added a new and innovative affinity resin to its portfolio of technologies for the purification of antibody-based fragments. GE Healthcare’s new resin, LambdaFabSelect, is a designed tool for the GMP-regulated purification of antibodies and antibody fragments that contain a lambda light chain. Antibody fragments are receiving increased attention as potential future biopharmaceuticals because, compared with monoclonal antibodies, they have a number of advantages such as improved tissue penetration and the ability to bind to targets inaccessible to conventional antigen-binding sites.

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Patient Safety Awareness Week: Improvements & the Battle Ahead for Better Patient Care

Within the frame of Patient Safety Week, GE Healthcare has launched their new GE Global Patient Safety Network (GPSN), a platform for professionals around the world to share their thoughts on patient safety. It will be easier to find relevant content, to connect and share it with global peers working on the same problems. The programs’ 90-day evaluation, which will run from March through June, will offer hospitals the opportunity to collaborate with local and global peers and assess the GPSN without cost or obligation. Within the larger GPSN community of hospitals and individuals, private sub-communities can also be established and “gardened” by leaders. GE plans to incorporate feedback from participating hospitals during the evaluation into the design of the network with the goal of releasing a commercial offering in 2012.

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