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HealthTech Review May, 14 2012

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Completes Acquisition of Xcellerex, Inc.

GE Healthcare, the healthcare business of GE (NYSE: GE) announced that it has completed the acquisition of Xcellerex, Inc., a supplier of innovative manufacturing technologies for the fast-growing biopharmaceutical industry. The acquisition expands GE Healthcare’s offering of technologies and services for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals such as recombinant proteins, antibodies and vaccines, a key area of growth for the company. The strong strategic fit between the two companies, combined with expanded capabilities in product development and marketing, will offer significant customer benefits through complementary product and service offerings.

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Speeding Up Breast Cancer Diagnosis

GE Healthcare recently celebrated the first U.S. commercial installation of SenoBright* at Pink Lotus Breast Center (PLBC) in Beverly Hills, CA. SenoBright offers clinicians a new tool to help detect and diagnose breast cancer rapidly and accurately, even in the densest part of the breast. This technology enables physicians to perform additional tests faster, see the results in a familiar context, and make diagnostic decisions more confidently by providing a contrast-enhanced image in exactly the same position as the standard mammography views.

* Trademark of General Electric Company

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Innovation Needs to Be Adopted, Not Just Built, Says CEO

In a revealing interview with the UK’s Health Service Journal (HSJ), John Dineen, CEO of GE Healthcare says innovative technology needs to be adopted, not just designed and built, for healthcare systems to reap rewards in what he calls ‘the healthcare revolution’. Slow translation of innovation into implementation is slowing down the improvement of patient healthcare pathways in some markets. Speaking to HSJ’s editor, Alastair McLellan, John explained: “If the UK wants to drive an industry in personalized, molecular medicine they’ve got to be the faster adopter of these new technologies.”

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Putting Hospital Efficiency on the Right Track

A patient’s journey within a hospital involves so many people, procedures and moving parts that, for many of us, it’s a wonder hospitals function at all. Adding to the complexity is that hospital units are run as independent entities — so the emergency department (ED), the operating room (OR), the wards, the pharmacy and the radiology department all have their own rules about how things get done. This vertical structure makes it exceedingly difficult to create processes that cut horizontally across all of them — and therefore difficult to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for patients. “Even today, most hospitals have disparate systems and manual processes,” says Lee Kramer, product service leader for AgileTrac at GE Healthcare. “Some things get lost in translation from one system to the next. So AgileTrac is designed to help orchestrate all the resources needed for a person's hospital stay, assisting in eliminating these inefficiencies and, as a result, improving the patient’s overall quality of care.”

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GE Healthcare Introduces a New Version of Vscan

GE Healthcare introduced a new version of its Vscan* pocket-sized visualization tool, developed to deliver imaging capabilities at the point-of-care. Based on feedback from current Vscan users, the new version features extended battery life, a more intuitive user interface, and enhanced reporting capabilities. This intuitive device provides a non-invasive look inside the body to help immediately visually validate what clinicians feel and hear during the physical exam. At the point of care, clinicians are able to gather information to help efficiently triage patients, reduce wait times, and develop personalized care plans. Vscan is currently used in the fields of cardiology, primary care, women’s health and emergency medicine, and is also used as a training tool in medical schools.

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