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GE Celebrates the Human Spirit in Three Must-See Adverts for the Olympics

A new series of feel-good GE TV ads shed a positive light on healthcare during the Olympics. GE, an official sponsor of London 2012, released three broadcast advertising spots focusing on different aspects of healthcare that the company’s innovative equipment can help improve and enhance care for people around the world.

Sports, keeping fit and the future are three hot topics during this year’s Olympics, and are also the essence of GE’s TV ads. The messages, which form part of the GE Works platform, focus on the work that the company is doing in cardiology, imaging diagnostics and infant care as well as the impact that GE has on people’s lives. The adverts tell the stories of a teenager who overcomes a heart condition and continues to play sport, how a neonatal care unit in the UK helps the smallest children through their first weeks andmonths of life, and the amazing effort that goes into studying the human body and the strength of the human spirit.