Where the future of engineering, manufacturing and the Industrial Internet meet

The disruptive tech being developed at GE Healthcare’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center is changing the way Brilliant Machines are made. Imagine this: A factory operator lays out component parts on his [...]

Health Tech Repair With Zero Downtime? The Industrial Internet Makes It Possible

A look at the Brilliant Hospital changing healthcare in Japan Japan is known for pioneering new technology long before it hits foreign shores. But when it comes to healthcare, Japan’s hospitals [...]

The Anatomy of Data: How the Industrial Internet Could Stop an Outbreak

Magnus Fontes has always had a passion for data. His work during the last decades involves shaping, modelling and deciphering, transforming an indiscernible noise of numbers into clear, understandable information that [...]

Healthcare in the Age of the Industrial Internet

By Jean-Michel Malbrancq The advances in medical technology in the last ten years are staggering. Smarter equipment is helping healthcare professionals offer better care for their patients, from 3D ultrasound scanners [...]

Up in the Cloud: The Future of Digital Healthcare In Europe

In today’s healthcare landscape, traditional healthcare models are showing their age. At this year’s ECR in Vienna, GE Healthcare showcased the software that could soon make diagnosis and collaboration between healthcare [...]

EMR Proving to be a Game-Changer for US Olympic Committee

No longer will the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have to ship pallets of paper around the globe to keep track of medical data from athletes competing at an Olympic Games. For [...]

What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare in Europe?

As the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2016 begins in Vienna, Austria, here are some of the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the future of European healthcare. As People Live [...]

Cloud Computing Can Transform the Healthcare Sector

When traveling and meeting healthcare professionals and politicians from all over the world it’s striking that, regardless of the different socio-economic structures, they are all struggling to improve their healthcare sector. [...]
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