The Future of Health Tech: How Wearables Could Transform Patient Care

“We are facing the perfect storm. Governments across the world are looking to provide better access to higher quality healthcare, while managing costs. The technologies we are working on will enable [...]

Five Times in Five Years: Indonesia’s Plan for a Healthcare Growth Spurt

Indonesia is fast becoming an important force in today’s world. As the 4th most populated country, with the world’s 16th largest economy, the country is on a rapid trajectory for growth. [...]

For the Middle East’s Evolving Healthcare Landscape, Big Data is a Big Deal

If a diabetic patient came into hospital complaining of numbness and pain in their toes, a doctor might assume diabetes is the cause. They could prescribe painkillers and send the patient [...]

A Cloud in the Tropics: Connecting Hospitals in the French West-Indies

Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana. All are tropical paradises; each is one of France’s 101 départements. Doctors in the French West-Indies serve their patients to the best of their ability. But sometimes, [...]

Doctor, Data Scientist or Both?

By Michael Dahlweid, GM Product Management & Director Medical Informatics, Healthcare IT With advances in healthcare IT, healthcare providers will have access to a broad ecosystem of digital ways to collect, [...]

A Digital Operating Room Could Be the Piece That Solves the NHS Puzzle

Surgeons aren’t spoiled with time. When a patient goes under the knife, every second counts. Surgeons’ duties, however, often extend out of the operating room (OR) into the administration office. They [...]

The Value of Population Health Management

By Michael Dahlweid, GM Product Management & Director Medical Informatics, Healthcare IT In a truly connected world, ubiquitous sensors will be measuring all of our bodily functions.  My fridge might be [...]

New Telepathology Network Aims to Improve Access to Healthcare for Remote Communities

As Canada’s most easterly province, Newfoundland and Labrador faces a unique set of challenges in providing care for its geographically dispersed population. With Labrador’s coastal communities and Newfoundland’s rural island towns, [...]
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