Enhancing the Patient Experience: Museum Showcases the Evolution of the Hybrid Operating Room

It’s not every day a patient gets the opportunity to see and learn about cardiology procedures let alone get up close to the tools, technology and doctors behind the clinical curtain. [...]

An Economist’s View – How Innovation Can Really Help Healthcare

“Prevention and productivity are the next frontiers in healthcare innovation”, says Mitch Higashi, GE Healthcare’s Chief Economist, who takes on the topic at the Uppsala Health Summit on ‘healthy aging’ this [...]

Trauma in the OR: The Growing Need for a Global Orthopedic Solution

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic mortality exceeds 1.27 million people annually and is ranked the ninth leading cause of death (WHO 2008) (1). With over 90 percent [...]

What’s the Value of Healthcare Technologies in Today’s Global Context?

Regardless of an increasingly ageing population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases, healthcare systems are being called upon to achieve more for less – part of worldwide austerity measures.  Currently, 36 [...]

The Evolution of Healthcare IT

Three sensational keynote speeches, nearly 1,200 attendees and almost 200 sessions later, our annual health IT education event Centricity™ LIVE has come to a close. Throughout the many discussions, peer-to-peer sessions [...]

The Little Known Role of Nuclear Medicine in Diagnosis of Dementia

Many of us have heard of MRI and CT as medical imaging techniques for looking at the brain, but few are familiar with PET and SPECT scans – yet these are [...]

Demystifying the Cloud

With day two of GE Healthcare’s annual IT education event Centricity™ LIVE complete, the talk was all about the cloud in the Mile High City. In one session “Providing Care Anywhere, [...]

Technology & the Consumerization of Healthcare

Monday, May 5 marked the start of general sessions at Centricity™ LIVE, GE Healthcare’s premier IT education event. A crowd of nearly 1,200 health IT professionals descended upon the Colorado Convention [...]
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