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Information+Ideas+Inspiration = Next Level


A new resource for healthcare decision-makers. Content-rich resources focused on helping healthcare decision-makers discover better ways to control costs, lead and strategize, improve quality and safety, and increase capacity.

GE Healthcare has just launched its Next Level digital community for healthcare decision-makers, focused on helping hospitals and healthcare facilities discover better ways to lead by controlling costs, improving quality and safety, and increasing capacity.

Using timely industry insight, Next Level aims to tackle the most complex issues faced by healthcare companies today. The community connects C-level executives, senior managers and leading healthcare experts around the concepts of Costs, Quality and Safety, Capacity and Leadership and Strategy, using original blogs and stories, whitepapers, webinars and multimedia generated by GE thought leaders.

Bret Barczak, GM Service and Solutions Marketing, whose team built the Next Level site says: “Financial challenges and patient safety and satisfaction are among the top concerns for hospital CEOs. GE’s experience working closely with hospital leaders on these very issues positions us to drive discussion and provide insight on these important topics. With the Next Level community, the tremendous leaders and consultants within GE Performance Solutions are well suited to provide fresh ideas, in-depth information and inspiration to guide healthcare organizations to the next level of performance.”

“We look forward to hearing the industry’s reaction to this new site and welcome participation on the Next Level forum.”

Click here to listen to a panel discussion on the current state of healthcare in the United States and the impact of reform on health systems, sponsored by GE and available on the Next Level community.