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Innovation and Discovery in 2013: Ten Healthcare Stories that Connected with Audiences


With the Industrial Internet gathering momentum, 2013 has been 12 months of news about improving quality, increasing access, while lowering costs of healthcare delivery.

As 2013 draws to a close, GE Healthcare reviews the ten most popular stories. With the Industrial Internet gathering momentum throughout the year, 2013 has been 12 months of exciting news about improving quality, increasing access, while lowering costs of healthcare delivery.


Early breast cancer detection possible with molecular breast imaging

Back in February, GE Healthcare spoke to Sharon Helmer, Clinical Service Chief, Imaging Department, and Director of Breast Imaging at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. In the Q&A, Dr. Helmer explains the potential benefits of Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) for patients. Find out more


GE Healthcare’s vision for “Industrial Internet” will fundamentally change healthcare policy making

In March Mitch Higashi, Chief Economist at GE Healthcare, took to the stage at The Economist’s second annual 'Technology Frontiers' conference in London. In his session, Higashi discussed how healthcare policymakers are increasingly turning toward sophisticated IT and information-management platforms that use advanced analytics to cope with the enormous amounts of data, when assessing critical healthcare needs. Find out more


Patient safety challenges in nursing identified in global survey

Data visualizations in the form of infographics have proved popular with the newsroom’s audience. In March, GE Healthcare carried out a survey that revealed many nurses in the US, UK and China have witnessed errors made whilst caring for patients. The survey also revealed that a significant number of nurses did not believe their own hospitals to be a safe place in which to carry out their work. Find out more.


GE Healthcare’s partnership with the National Football League (NFL)

Also in March, GE had announced a $60 million research and innovation investment in an effort to develop and improve concussion-detecting imaging technology for the benefit of athletes, members of the military, and society overall. Find out more


Q&A with Anthony Ventress: GE makes investment for probe repair

In May, GE Healthcare announced the acquisition of Unisyn Medical Technologies’ Transactional Business, which includes their Probe Repair, Multi-Modality Parts, and Test Equipment businesses. GE Healthcare were able to collect the comments of Anthony Ventress, Global Service General Manager of GEHC’s Ultrasound business and what he thought about the acquisition. Find out more


GE-Healthcare invests 2B in additional software development

This article had an Industrial Internet theme loosely running throughout the piece. June’s interview with Evren Eryurek, GE Healthcare Software Chief Technology Officer, detailed the Company’s $2B investment in software development over the next five years. Eryurek also discussed software strategy, software industry trends, as well as the Industrial Internet and what the concept of ‘big data’ would mean for GE Healthcare’s future. Find out more


Opinion survey shows lengthy neurological diagnosis delays may impact patients

In September GE Healthcare commissioned an opinion survey that highlighted the patient impact of delaying the diagnosis of a neurological disorder.  This delay forms part of the burden healthcare systems around the world are facing in light of an ageing population. Find out more


Developing world faces breast cancer surge, study suggests

A new global study commissioned by GE Healthcare in October revealed the extent to which breast cancer is affecting the developing world as incidence rates have steadily increased in developed countries over the last 50 years. The increase in life expectancy and lifestyle changes such as women having fewer children, as well as hormonal intervention such as post-menopausal hormonal therapy have been identified as contributing factors. Find out more


Minds + machines: better healthcare

For GE Healthcare, the Industrial Internet is not just about creating newer, smarter healthcare systems in a tech-enabled world. It is also about connecting caregivers with the brilliant machines that turn modern medical care’s big data into more accurate, accessible information so they can best care for patients. Find out more


Advancing healthcare…together

One of the highlights of the calendar is December’s RSNA meeting  that took place in Chicago.  This short film discusses innovation as key to providing affordable healthcare for the world’s population. The video also identifies working with healthcare providers as crucial to successful innovation in order to understand and meet their needs. Find out more

2013 has been a year where GE Healthcare has continued to shape some of the big growth drivers in healthcare. Expect this to continue in 2014 as the Industrial Internet further matures into a truly open, global network that connects people, data and machines.