Turnkey Pharma: The Next Phase of #KUBio in China

On a clear dark night, a container ship arrives into Shanghai’s Yangshan deep water port. It unloads its precious cargo: modules for the world’s largest single-use plant for making biologics – [...]

A Day in the Life of: Dr Tozaki, Breast Cancer Expert

Dr. Mitsuhiro Tozaki, director of the Breast Oncology Department at Sagara Breastopia Healthcare Group, is an expert in diagnostic imaging who works hard every day to raise the quality of breast [...]

It’s a Battle – See How these Professionals Became the Ultimate Hackers for Health

What do a young high school hacker, a 27-year-old designer and a 65-year-old doctor have in common? Besides being from Brazil, they are all motivated to work together and find new [...]

Los Angeles’ First Female Linesperson Versus Cancer. And the Technology Used in the Fight.

Sixty-three-year-old retiree Joyce Decho spends most of her time tending to her two acres of land in Bishop, California and looking after her dog, two cats, and twenty-six tortoises. A linesperson [...]

A Vision for Maternal and Infant Care, One Mother and Baby at a Time

From September 15th to October 6th, more than 160 world leaders have descended on New York to gather at the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations. They are addressing the [...]

Not Too much, Not Too Little: The ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of Intensive Care

Delivering healthcare is a complex affair at the best of times. So for patients on Intensive Care wards, where proper delivery of care is a matter of life or death, clinicians need [...]

This Companion Diagnostic Test Will Make Doctors Cancer Sharpshooters

The key to winning the fight against non-small cell lung cancer, which accounts for around 85% of all lung cancers worldwide, could lie in a cellular pathway called PD-1. PD-1 is [...]

Connecting Caregivers with Brilliant Machines: How Big Data Can Help

  Increase the number of hospital beds and keep the same number of scanning equipment, all while maintaining high quality care for patients. That was the challenge Houston Methodist Hospital in [...]
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