This Alzheimer’s Day, What Do We Know and What is it Worth?

This morning, millions of people around the world will wake up not knowing where they are. They will be greeted by a seemingly friendly face, perhaps calling them ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, [...]

“Turmoil and Hope”: Future of Global Health Discussed at 70th UN General Assembly

Eighty per cent of all people globally have little to no access to healthcare. That’s 5.8 billion people. Bleak as this sounds, there has actually been a vast improvement in global [...]

World’s Largest Single-Use Biopharmaceutical Factory Made in Germany, Bound for China

In a few weeks, biologics manufacturer JHL Biotech will begin to take delivery of the largest single-use modular biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the world. It’s being constructed in Germany and shipped [...]

The Fault in Our Genes: How CRISPR Could Eradicate Genetic Disorders

Each one of your 37.2 trillion cells contains all the instructions to make a complete human. These instructions are governed by a code made up of four letters: A, T, C [...]

An “Ideal” Arrangement for Radiologists: Proving Innovation and Low Cost Can Come As a Pair

As hospitals across the U.S. experience increasing pressure to deliver higher-value healthcare at a lower cost, they continue to face challenges related to outcomes, cost control, market competition, and other dynamics. [...]

This Hospital Just Saved a Projected 5 million+ Dollars a Year and Helped ICU Patients on Ventilators Leave the Hospital Sooner

  Each year, 5 million humans are rolled into the door of the ICU in the United States. 2 Half of these patients are on ventilators, unable to breathe on their [...]

Ultrasound in the Jungle: How a Group of Volunteers Delivers Healthcare in the Amazon

Much of the medicine we use today comes from the Amazon, the world’s largest and most diverse rainforest. Drugs to fight cancer, HIV, malaria and other diseases have been discovered here, [...]

Knocking Down The Great Wall of Knowledge

China is seeing a shortage of doctors and nurses, most significantly in rural areas where they are often needed most. But now, a new training base in Sichuan Province will knock [...]
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