Skills and Training are vital for Sustainable Emerging Market Health

The global health sector, especially in developing markets, is facing critical workforce shortages. Africa ranks the lowest in the availability of health personnel.1 With 12% of the world’s population and 25% [...]

Is Education the Best Medicine?

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Healthcare systems everywhere are being pressed to do more with less. More [...]

This Flagship ‘Hospital of the Future’ Redefines the Patient Experience

Hospital is not always the most pleasant place to be. For most (if not all) patients, going for an MRI or CT scan is a daunting prospect, as sitting in a [...]

New Tech for Health Systems can Number-Crunch its Way out of Denied Claims

The Industrial Internet is fast becoming a cornerstone of modern healthcare. It now provides clinicians with the missing links between information and the patients who can benefit the most from it. [...]

Trim the Cost and Lose the Wait

The current healthcare environment shows that on average, 58% of a hospital’s assets are idle. And despite the seeming oversupply, nurses spend an average of 21 minutes per shift searching for [...]

Stopping Latin America’s Biggest Killers

At last week’s World Affairs Council of Atlanta, CEO and President of GE Healthcare in Latin America Daurio Speranzini Jr. set a new direction for continuing work against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) [...]

Not a Wasted Watt: Running Hospital Equipment in an Age of Austerity

2015 is a vital year for climate change action. With many scientists saying that we have now entered the Anthropocene era, and this year’s UN climate change talks expected to lay [...]

A Step in the Right Direction

Pfizer and GE’s In Vitro Diagnostics Team Up to Work on Cancer-Fighting Immuno-Therapies Imagine a world where cancer treatment does not involve chemotherapy or radiation. This seemingly distant dream may be [...]
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