Shattering the Glass Standard

Polymer Bottles Introduce the Next Wave in Environmentally Preferable Contrast Media Packaging From cars to houses to disposable cups, materials are becoming more environmentally efficient than ever before. This evolution in [...]

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…Why it May Not Remember: Ability to Image Potential Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease Creeps Towards the Horizon

Finding the causes and best treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a daunting task for scientists, not to mention the clinicians, patients, and their friends and families who deal with the [...]

New Lease of Life for Liver Research

In a new collaboration, GE Healthcare and Takeda Group have announced that they will be combining efforts to develop new diagnostic techniques and drugs for hepatic fibrosis (scarring of the liver), [...]

#SeeInsideIt: the Science Behind the Scans

Resembling more Peter Parker than Bruce Wayne, radiology is an often unheralded hero in the realm of modern medicine. Saving lives, but seldom in the spotlight. On November 8 – the [...]

GE Healthcare Takes a Walk in Customers’ Shoes

“Helping our customers properly scope their problems has provided a number of rich insights, and I cannot wait to delve deeper into these challenges so that we can start helping them [...]

The Finnish Village that Could Be the Next Healthcare Capital

Another cold winter is drawing in over Helsinki, Finland. But over at GE headquarters in Vallila, a couple of miles from the heart of the capital, the atmosphere is hotting up. [...]

Fathers of Nanoscopy Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was jointly awarded on October 8th to Stefan Hell, William E. Moerner, and Eric Betzig for their work on super-resolution microscopy, or nanoscopy, a nascent [...]

Saving Australia’s Koalas

Who doesn’t love a koala? As one of Australia’s most recognizable animals, this loveable marsupial is a top contender for cutest and cuddliest creature. Sadly, koala populations across Australia have been [...]
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