A Look Inside the Olympians Breaking Records this Year

The photos, videos and broadcasts now emerging from Rio show us the full range of human emotion. Pure joy, crushing despair, and unprecedented achievements are being captured and beamed to us [...]

How to bring early-stage research out of the lab and into the world

At universities all over the world, early-stage research often just sits in the lab—and that’s a missed opportunity. In the Life Sciences field, promising technologies are sometimes abandoned long before they [...]

The trend-spotting that reduced surgeries for the U.S. women’s wrestling team by 60 percent year over year

The concept of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is older than you might think. The technology dates back to the 1960s, with the earliest systems focusing on the most basic form [...]

Forget What You Know About Millennials: Meet Gen H

The first in a new series that explores how millennials are defying stereotypes and working to create better health and a better world for all. Millennials – misunderstood, maligned, and blamed [...]

Our generation will see healthcare in Africa on par with the rest of the world

Reason 3 from GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery’s The Top 10 Reasons Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare Packed securely inside the boxes in the picture above was a new [...]

T-CELL: The tiny superhero feared by the worst villain of all

Part human, his super power lets him instantly identify the villains he’s been sent after from the good guys who must remain untouched. He slips around the first of them, undetected.  [...]

There isn’t A cure for cancer. There are 7.4 billion.*

Recent news could massively scale the burgeoning field of personalized medicine and with it the world’s life-saving treatments. DIY is all the rage for Pinterest users and crafty hipsters, among whom [...]

Teamwork, Commitment and Plenty of Sunlight Make Greener MRIs

It takes a lot of energy to make an MRI scanner. But in Florence, South Carolina, an MRI factory is using the power of the sun to make life-saving devices while [...]
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