Al Amal Hospital to Integrate MR Radiation Oncology Options into Oncology Treatment Program

The Radiation Oncology Department at Al Amal Hospital has become the first healthcare institution in the world to install GE Healthcare's premium wide bore 1.5T Optima™ MR450w MRI system with Radiation [...]

Up-to-the-Moment ECG Data on iPads, iPhones

When it comes to reading ECG images, the tiniest changes in a patient’s heartbeat can indicate the presence or absence of a heart condition. Thanks to the GE Healthcare MUSE® Cardiology [...]

Count on GE Healthcare

Take a chance to take a sneak preview of how GE Healthcare is building on its healthymagination strategy, highlighting how this strategy can help make it simple for health professionals to [...]

GE Innovations Make MRI Patient Friendly

Innovative design can make MR technology surprisingly more patient-friendly compared to traditional whole body systems. This is the case of the Optima MR430s*, launched today by GE Healthcare, an extreme [...]

Taking on EMR for the iPad

At the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February, mHealth was the biggest cross industry topic. Studies confirm the heaviest adoption of Apple® iPad® will come from the healthcare [...]

GE InBody and FlashPad X-ray X-cite at Popular Technology Showcase

While speakers on stage at the TED 2011technology and innovation conference in Long Beach, CA were sharing their latest research and insights, visitors to GE’s Innovation Gallery witnessed data [...]

It’s a Dog’s Life: High Tech Medical Imaging for Pets

Willows Veterinary Centre, near Birmingham in the UK, has just treated its 10,000th patient. The hospital is one of the leading small veterinary centers in Europe and uses some of the [...]

UCH Deploys CARESCAPE Monitor B850 to Help Enhance NICU Clinical Decision Making

The most fragile patients require an extra level of care.  In the University of Colorado Hospital’s 50-bed NICU they get that and more.  With the installation of GE Healthcare’s CARESCAPE Monitor [...]
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