EMR Proving to be a Game-Changer for US Olympic Committee

No longer will the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have to ship pallets of paper around the globe to keep track of medical data from athletes competing at an Olympic Games. For [...]

The One Stop Clinic for Breast Health

Suzette Delaloge, MD MSc, is Associate Professor of Medical Oncology and Head of Breast Cancer Department at Gustave Roussy Institute, Paris, France and chair of the French National Breast Cancer InterGroup-Unicancer. [...]

Mammography at 50: Past, Present and Future

In Europe, one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. However, survival rates are higher than ever before, and rising. Mammography and its importance to [...]

What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare in Europe?

As the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2016 begins in Vienna, Austria, here are some of the biggest trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the future of European healthcare. As People Live [...]

Cloud Computing Can Transform the Healthcare Sector

When traveling and meeting healthcare professionals and politicians from all over the world it’s striking that, regardless of the different socio-economic structures, they are all struggling to improve their healthcare sector. [...]

Tap, Swipe, Scan: The Ultrasound Technology Speeding Up Injury Diagnoses

It was a day much like any other for 25-year-old Billy Roberts. That was until he was hit by a car while cycling in Headingley, a suburb of Leeds in West [...]

Partnerships Cracking the Code for Innovation

Can disruptive innovation cure the healthcare industry? This question was put forward sixteen years ago by business professor Clayton Christensen in an issue of the Harvard Business Review1 – the arguments [...]

Sound and Vision: Med Students use Pocket-sized Ultrasound with their Stethoscopes

In 2016, the humble stethoscope enters its 200th year as the most ubiquitous diagnostic tool in medicine. In recent years, Ultrasound technology has become increasingly adopted at the point of care, [...]
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