A Check-Up for Iraq: Karbala’s First New Hospital in Fifteen Years Announced at Arab Health

The city of Karbala is second only to Mecca when it comes to its religious significance in the Muslim world. Its population stands at around 900,000, with more than ten million [...]

Collecting Patient Vital Signs: From Papers to Connected Monitors

In hospital departments where patients are not routinely on continuous monitoring such as general medical wards, nursing assistants or technicians are responsible for collecting patients’ vital signs data on a scheduled [...]

Setting a Model for the Digital Hospitals of the Future

A hospital in Dubai is doing things that until recently were only seen in fiction. Using the latest technology, from Google Glass to 3D printing, the Suleiman Habib hospital has been [...]

How a Clinic in a Can is Helping Fight Ebola

On Wednesday December 30th 2015, Guinea declared itself Ebola-free. The Ebola virus has devastated West Africa since the largest outbreak of the disease ever recorded began almost exactly two years ago, [...]

Smart Ambulances Relay EKG Info En-Route to Hospital

Here is an example of the Industrial Internet at work: a network of ambulances, hospitals and emergency rooms in Calabria, southern Italy, is getting a whole lot smarter thanks to a [...]

Portable Ultrasound Changing Lives in Papua New Guinea

The original version of this article first appeared on GE Reports Australia. Papua New Guinea’s infant mortality and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Enga Province is [...]

The Hospital of the Future Will Look Like This

One thing is for sure: the world will always need healthcare. With an ageing population and the average life expectancy worldwide predicted to reach 73 years by 2025, there are more and [...]

From Patient to Pioneer: Katelyn’s Story

Sometimes something happens that can put you on an unexpected path. This is true for Katelyn Nye, age 29.  While in high school she was participating in a basketball game and [...]
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