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Innovative, Powerful and Comfortable Scanner Hits the Road for Five Months



GE employees in Massachusetts celebrate the kick of the Extremely Surprising Tour 


The Extremely Surprising tour features a vehicle outfitted with a mockup of the Optima* MR430s to introduce to hospitals, imaging centers and the public this extremely surprising technology first hand. The vehicle introduces this new compact, comfortable, powerful and affordable system to customers, radiologists, and patients. Starting in the Northeast, the Extremely Surprising Tour is traveling across the country for five months, stopping in Chicago at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). In 2012, the tour is expected to link up with key PGA events sponsored by GE, giving visitors a chance to see a more comfortable approach to MRI.



“Sometimes, seeing is believing” said Mona Theobald, General Manager, Sales for GE Healthcare’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging. “This tour is intended to help clinicians learn that MRI doesn’t have to be an intimidating or anxiety producing experience for patients. Greater patient comfort with uncompromised image quality is at the heart of the design of this system. By making MR accessible to more patients and providing imaging that’s both advanced and cost-effective, the Optima MR430s is designed to help clinicians provide a remarkably improved experience for patients.”

Innovative design can make magnetic resonance technology surprisingly more patient-friendly compared to traditional whole body systems. Studies show that on average patients feel four times more comfortable1. Considerable differences in patient comfort, patient confinement and immobilization can significantly improve the patient’s experience. It is the latest in a series of innovative health technologies designed to provide better health to more people through GE’s healthymagination initiative.


An Innovation of Healthymagination

The Healthymagination-validated Optima MR430s will also be telling our Healthymagination story across the United States. Over the next few months, you will hear about how the Optima MR430s helps reduce cost, increase access and improve quality for our customers and patients.

†According to Radiology: Volume 251: Number 3—June 2009 Study measured relative comfort between conventional 1.5T system and 1.0T extremity scanner. “Four times more comfortable” as measured by confinement and immobilization.