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Introducing Our Low Dose Series

GE continues to focus on providing innovations that help healthcare providers deliver clinical excellence and better patient care through exceptional image quality and reduced dose. Through this series, you will learn about physicians and patients that are benefiting from low dose technologies around the world.

LOW DOSE SERIES 1: Meet the team at Centre Cardiologique du Nord (CCN), France 

Discovery CT750 HD is a high definition CT system that advances image quality through increased resolution with lower X-ray dose. Leveraging GE’s GemstoneTM technology and HD reconstruction, Discovery CT750 HD improves image quality while reducing dose up to 50% across the entire body, maintaining GE’s position as a low dose technology leader.

In July 2008, CCN installed the Discovery CT750 HD. More than 15,000 exams have been performed since then. More recently, with the introduction of GemstoneTM Spectral Imaging (GSI), the team at CCN have achieved new standards in image quality across many different clinical applications. Watch some exciting patient cases with clinical images in this video.