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Leading the Way for Healthcare Solutions: John Dineen on the CEO Show

In early September John Dineen, President and CEO of GE Healthcare, gave an interview as part of a series of episodes on the CEO Show in New York. The show, hosted by Robert Reiss, aims to discuss best practices, business models, leadership philosophies and industry issues with the world’s most successful and innovative CEOs.

The main topic of the interview was technology in healthcare; what the priorities are in different areas of the world and how GE Healthcare is meeting the demand for better quality, accessibility improvements, and cost reductions.

“That is the equation that every healthcare system in the world is struggling with. Some of them are focusing on one”, Dineen explained. “In China, it’s all about access. There are so many people that can’t get healthcare and don’t get healthcare particularly in rural areas. In Europe, quality measures are the most important factor and in the US the cost of healthcare is what is most discussed.”

Many countries find that they have to make compromises and choices among quality, access, and cost to try and best meet the needs of their nation. For GE Healthcare, these three important aspects of healthcare are the ones they are working on, lowering costs and improving quality and accessibility to offer effective and responsive solutions around the world.

Watch the interview video, the first in a series of episodes on the CEO TV Show, which will be aired until February 2013. 


John Dineen and Rober Reiss during the interview