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Join BCM Talks on September, 24 2012


Nicole McLean

This Tuesday, September 24, GE Healthcare is launching BCM Talks, a groundbreaking initiative to actively engage those who desire to share their breast cancer experience with their peers in the healthcare blogosphere.

BCM Talks are a series of one-hour live social video streaming sessions plus a parallel tweet-up using the hashtag #BCMTalks, driven by the spirit of genuine storytelling, outreach, generosity and humanity.

Nicole McLean will be the host of the first BCMTalk. Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months after her 39th birthday. “The two year fight for my life was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I have been through chemotherapy, a mastectomy, breast reconstruction (TRAM flap), breast reduction, radiation, physical therapy for my lymphedema… whew. It was a long road and honestly, the journey is just starting”, says Nicole.

Join the first of the BCM Talks on September, 24, ET 8pm – PT 5pm to meet and talk with Nicole McLean.