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Let’s Talk Dense Breasts: Hangout to Discuss the Potential Increased Risk of Breast Cancer in Women with Dense Breasts and Additional Testing Options

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On October 8 at 9:00am ET, a panel of experts who understand or have experience living with dense breasts firsthand will join together to discuss what every woman needs to know: How you can find out if you have dense breasts, risk factors associated with breast density, new legislation in certain states that gives you the right to more information, and how to talk with your doctor about whether additional testing may be right for you. Carol Evans, CEO, Working Mother will moderate a panel with: Nurse Barb Dehn; Dr. Jessie Jacob, Chief Medical Officer of Breast Health at GE Healthcare; and Hollye Jacobs, RN, MS, MSW, dense breast patient, breast cancer survivor and author of the New York Times bestselling book The Silver Lining: A Supportive & Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer.

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Save the date and join other attendees on Wednesday October 8, 14:00 GMT, 9.00am ET, and 6.00 am PT. Click here to save the date and join the event.

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