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‘Let’s Talk’ Dense Breasts: The Hangout

Do you know your breast density? That’s the Twitter poll posed to participants during GE Healthcare’s ‘Let’s Talk’ Dense Breasts Hangout. The answer: 60% said ‘no’. This real time result reflects the trend described in a new report from Working Mother and sponsored by GE Healthcare. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, do you know why your breast density matters when it comes to risk factors for breast cancer?

If you weren’t able to watch the ‘Let’s Talk’ Hangout live, tune in to the replay below to hear a panel of experts who have treated or lived with dense breasts firsthand share their insights about these and many more questions.

We want to continue talking dense breasts with you. How do you want to hear more about breast density? Let us know by tweeting to us @GEHealthcare or on the Hangout page.

Because there were so many interesting questions from the participants on GE Healthcare’s ‘Let’s Talk’ Dense Breast Hangout, we asked Dr. Jessie Jacob, MD, MMM, Chief Medical Officer of Breast Health, GE Healthcare, and one of the panelists, to answer some of the most popular questions. Read on for more.