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Let’s Talk Mammo: Hangout to Discuss the Importance of Early Breast Cancer Detection & Overall Breast Health

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GE Healthcare will be facilitating a Google+ Hangout on the topic of mammography on Thursday, June 5th at 10AM EDT. Join moderator Carol Evans, CEO, Working Mother and a panel of experts including: Dr. Joseph Russo, Dr. Connie Lehman, Dr. Etta Pisano, Dr. Lydia Liao, Dr. Martin Yaffe, and Douglas Feil (NBCF) as they “talk mammo”.

The session seeks to address possible confusion around conflicting mammography studies and increase awareness around breast cancer, inform patients about mammography and discuss common misperceptions about the technology. The overall aim is to emphasize the importance of early breast cancer detection and help women make informed decisions about their personal breast health

Save the date and join other attendees on Thursday June 5, 15:00 GMT, 10.00am EDT, and 7.00 PST to hear Carol Evans conduct this unique session. Save this date in the diary and click here to join in with the event.

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