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Let’s Talk Different Tests for Different Breasts: Hangout to Discuss A New Way of Looking at Breast Cancer Screening

December 1, 10 – 11am ET, live from the GE booth at RSNA

“When I found my cancer, I’d had a mammogram two weeks earlier and it was normal” says Dr. Rachel Brem, Radiologist and Director of Breast Imaging and Intervention at George Washington University.  “The mammogram missed it because I had dense breasts.”

Dr. Brem had been dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer since she was a young girl, when her mother was diagnosed with the disease. But it wasn’t until that moment, when she was testing ultrasound equipment for her clinical center on herself, just two weeks after her most recent and regular mammogram, that she discovered her own cancer.

That moment was twenty years ago.

Today, Dr. Brem is among a cohort of doctors pioneering clinical practices and research that aim to provide breast screening based on each woman’s individual risk factors, the breast health care of the future. On December 1, 10 – 11am ET, she will join a panel of such experts to discuss why we need to look at individualized breast cancer screening options to help improve detection.

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Joining her will be Dr. Kathy J. Schilling, Medical Director, Christine E Lynn Women’s & Wellness Institute, Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Dr. Jessie Jacob, MD, MMM Chief Medical Officer of Breast Health at GE Healthcare. The panel will be moderated by Tammy Garcia, GE Healthcare’s Breast Imaging Leader.

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