The Value of Imaging

Advocate Health Care Joins the Low-Dose Commitment with GE Blueprint

The GE Blueprint for low dose program today added another top health system to its list of commitments with the addition of Advocate Health Care, the largest integrated healthcare system [...]

Teaming Up to Improve Patient Care: Intermountain Healthcare and the GE Blueprint for Low Dose

Intermountain Healthcare has joined GE Healthcare in continuing efforts to further reduce patients’ radiation dose in Computed Tomography (CT) imaging by up to 50 percent*. Leveraging the GE Blueprint for low dose, a [...]

GE Blueprint for Low Dose Empowers Healthcare Providers to Lower Patient Exposure, Impact Patient Care

GE has a long history with advanced medical imaging. From Thomas Edison working to improve X-ray technology more than 115 years ago, to the 2011 announcement of over $800 million in [...]

Profound Image Clarity at Ultra-Low Dose

Traditionally in CT there has been an undesirable trade-off between image quality and low radiation dose levels. While high CT image quality often required greater patient exposure to diagnostic radiation, lower [...]

GE Healthcare Sets the Bar Again for Low-Dose Imaging, Offering Big Benefits for Small People

  At the International Paediatric Radiology (IPR) Congress, thousands of radiologists gathered to learn about the latest techniques and product advances in pediatric imaging. GE Healthcare showcased its market-leading ASiR and [...]

20,000 Patients Each Day Benefit from ASiR Low Dose Reconstruction Technology

For decades GE Healthcare has invested in leading, state of the art technology for significantly lowering dose in computed tomography (CT) procedures. GE Healthcare's exclusive ASiR†(adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction) low dose [...]

CT Low Dose Sets the Trend at RSNA 2010

Controlling radiation dose is one of the hot topics at RSNA this year. Innovative technologies, educational symposiums and collaboration with radiologist are the key to improve the overall care provided to patients. [...]

Introducing Our Low Dose Series

GE continues to focus on providing innovations that help healthcare providers deliver clinical excellence and better patient care through exceptional image quality and reduced dose. Through this series, you will learn [...]
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