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Meet Mark Jopek, #GetFit Germany Ambassador


Mark Jopek, #GetFit Germany Ambassador

Marc’s inspirational endurance tour will see him cycle from Solingen (Germany), through France and Spain to reach his destination:  Morocco. On the 31st of August, one man and his bike will accomplish an extremely trying sporting adventure, surrounded by nature and pushed on by resolve.

This tour will be a trying test to endure. Marc has set a hard pace to achieve the 14 day feat: “I’ve set myself the goal of travelling 200 kilometers every day – which will often push my body to the very limits of its abilities,” he explained. He has been preparing for the tour in a responsible way, training alongside a cycling team regularly and consulting a nutritional and healthcare adviser to prepare his body for the 2,800 kilometer resistance test ahead.

Marc isn’t a professional cyclist. He started doing exercise to balance his work with his personal life; he felt he needed to do sport, and cycling has become his way to overcome any obstacle through sport. His hobby is not only a great way to keep in shape; doing regular exercise has been a good opportunity to socialize and make friends with people who have similar interests. “It’s a hobby that I can very easily share with other people. I ride with my colleagues Carsten Sumpf, Franz Götz, Anselm Roth and Uli Horstick, where time permits, on tours after meetings or even outside of work at the weekends,” Marc explained.

He loves going on cycling tours; they give him the chance to travel, meet new people and admire nature. “To phase out work and other daily things, I try to do crazy tours by bike to have only one focus: target destination,” he said. If it were up to him, he would go on a ‘crazy trip’ every year, but his family is his number one priority so he is very grateful for his wife’s support, making these trips possible.

Marc’s previous tours, across Romania, Germany and the Netherlands have left a great impression. “So far, my experiences have always been good and I’ve met lots of lovely people. And the fantastic landscapes I’ve ridden through on my bike tours have been truly unforgettable too. In fact, they make all the effort worthwhile!”

Marc has the backing from colleagues at GE as well as the company who will be following his journey on the GE blog. GE is allowing him to conduct an experiment: he wants to see how his bike is going to endure the tour, so he will scan it in a GE CT before and after the tour. “I really will have the results in black and white in front of me!” he said. En route to Morocco, Marc will be visiting all of GE’s sites in Germany, France and Spain.

Marc is an example of how training hard and pursuing goals means being able to achieve almost anything.  With the #GetFit campaign, Marc hopes to inspire other people to improve their lives through sport, helping to prevent disease and increase positivity.