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Meet Ruti Lapidot, #GetFit Israel Ambassador


Ruti Lapidot, #GetFit Israel Ambassador

Ruti Lapidot is a real estate company owner, an admirable woman, and a cancer winner.  “I was diagnosed with breast cancer some 7 years ago. I was very surprised to be honest with you, shocked and angry,” Ruti explained passionately. “That’s why what I’m saying today is that I’m not a breast cancer survivor. I’m a breast cancer winner.”  She has decided that nothing is impossible; nothing is going to beat her.

Ruti – cancer free now for the past 7 years, ran her 1st  half marathon in Tel-Aviv, Israel in March 2012. She is proud that despite intense treatment, she was able to walk, let alone run. She believes that sports are a reason to carry on, to wake up in the morning — whatever the weather, to go outside and run to feel more alive.

“Everything is possible; sports help us to achieve whatever we want, especially after going through cancer. It makes us strong, helps us to stay healthy,” she said. “Sport is something that gives me the opportunity to feel my body again, to actually feel the fact that I’m alive, that I’m strong.”

Ruti’s raw emotions are on the surface as she tries to convey her message; the opportunity to reach people around the world with her story is a very powerful feeling. “I’m crying now because I’m very happy and very proud… and that’s because of sports.”

Her experience is an inspiration to us all; as a #GetFit Ambassador she hopes that more people will be inspired to take up sports as part of their daily routine.

Meet Ruti and learn more about her inspirational story in this #GetFit video.