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Seeing is Believing: Mount Sinai School of Medicine Aims to Revolutionize Med School Program


GE and Mount Sinai press conference in New York. Download pictures here

GE and Mount Sinai recently held a press conference in New York announcing a research program involving the class of 2016 medical students at Mount Sinai. The research study involves GE’s visualization tool, Vscan, and aims to demonstrate that pocket-sized imaging technology can contribute to medical education at all levels of instruction and learning.

First-year medical students at Mount Sinai School of Medicine are the first in New York to be introduced to the digital-age ultrasound device, which can visualize inside the body, and fit directly into the pockets of their brand new white coats. 

“With handheld ultrasound, our medical students will have the ability to see live images of inside the body a handheld screen in real time,” said Dr. Jagat Narula, Principal Investigator of this research study and the Director of the Cardiovascular Imaging Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “It’s an innovative educational concept that can modernize medical education.”