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Neil Boyce Named Country Manager of GE Healthcare South Africa Operations


Neil Boyce at GE Healthcare's press event in Johannesburg last week

The World Cup is about to start in South Africa but, in the meantime, GE Healthcare also has some exciting news to share. The Company, strongly committed to strengthening its presence in the country, has recently announced the appointment of Neil Boyce as Country Manager of its GE Healthcare South Africa operations.

Based in Johannesburg, Neil Boyce will play a leading role in driving organic growth in South Africa. He will be responsible for developing and expanding customer relationships, as well as executing on a strategy around long-term public and private sector partnerships to help transform healthcare delivery in the country.

“The South African market for GE Healthcare is witnessing a dramatic growth and we have already identified a clear market strategy,” says Boyce.

Boyce expects GE Healthcare to play an integral role in providing primary health services through mobile hospital units. Moreover, the training of health-service suppliers is one of the Company’s priorities. “This year we plan to start schooling 500 people in partnership with training institutions. We will offer specific training courses for the likes of hospital managers and technicians,” adds Boyce. “In parallel, we will continue to bring to the local market relevant innovative technologies. But as we say at GE, it’s not innovation for innovation's sake. It’s about innovation that successfully targets our customers and their patients needs.”

One such example is the recent commercial launch of Vscan in South Africa, in line with the Company’s healthymagination initiative. Vscan, GE Healthcare's pocket-sized visualization tool, is a clear reflection of healthymagination’s mission around bringing high quality health care at lower cost to more people around the world. Vscan can potentially help accelerate time to diagnosis, reduce patient wait times and improve physician workflow.

Boyce concludes: “I am very excited to take on this new role at GE Healthcare. Moreover, I look to leverage my experience with this country’s marketplace to bring value-added insights to drive GE’s market leadership position together with the team in South Africa.”