Campground-Themed X-ray Adventure Series First in South Carolina Region

Many children suffer from anxiety and are not able to stay still during the procedure, making the process stressful and forcing images to be redone. Recently, the Medical University of South Carolina [...]

The Little Known Role of Nuclear Medicine in Diagnosis of Dementia

Many of us have heard of MRI and CT as medical imaging techniques for looking at the brain, but few are familiar with PET and SPECT scans – yet these are [...]

5 Stories that reMIND Us of the Need to Increase Neurological Disorder Awareness

MIND the App! Free iPad Tool Created For People With Neurological Disorders and Their Caregivers To provide mobile support to those affected by neurological disorders, GE Healthcare has designed a free [...]

Winning Images of Cells Light Up Times Square, New York

This year’s competition saw over 23,000 votes cast by the public to award Vanessa Auld from Canada, Martin Barr from Ireland and Graham Wright from Singapore the top prize of flying [...]

World Parkinson’s Day: How Much Do You Know About Parkinson’s Disease?

In preparation for World Parkinson’s Day  on 11 April, Dr Angel Duncan, Clinician, Neuropsychiatric Research, Center of SWFL & Executive Director, Cognitive Dynamics, and Dr Monica Kurtis, Neurologist, Movement Disorders Specialist, [...]

World Parkinson’s Day: Raising Awareness of the Disease and its Challenges

The National Parkinson Foundation estimates that 50,000 to 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) are diagnosed in the United States each year,1 but an accurate diagnosis can take up to [...]

Picturing Health on World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April and is a day that provides an opportunity for individuals in every community to increase their awareness of lifestyle changes that can lead [...]

Save the Date for a Google Hangout on Parkinson’s Disease – Symptoms, Challenges, and Patient/Caregiver Connection.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a condition that affects an estimated 6.3 million people worldwide.1 PD poses an increasing burden especially with the steady increase in life expectancy. One study has estimated [...]

Q&A with UCSF & Ayasdi: Winning Research Speeds up Diagnosis & Improves Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

One of the winners in the first stage of the $20 million “Head Health Challenge” were a team made up of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco, CA- [...]

Ten Apps that Can Assist Patients Suffering From Neurological Disorders – As Well as Their Caregivers

Patients and caregivers are increasingly tapping into the power of mobile apps to support them in their difficult journeys. These apps provide mental stimulation to those affected by neurological disorders, such [...]

Being Mindful About Neurological Disorders: Essential Tremor

The MIND website is an online resource for caregivers and patients suffering from neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. Another neurological disorder is Essential Tremor [...]

Spectacular Images Showing Research into Cancer, Neurodegenerative Disease & Fertility

GE Healthcare Life Sciences has revealed the winners of the 2013 Cell Imaging Competition. For seven years, GE Healthcare’s annual competition has showcased the beauty of cells and the inspiring research [...]
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